Rider Hall of Fame

Liz Mulcahy

Endurance Hall of Fame


Liz rode several 80 km rides, prior to WAERA being established, during the late 70’s and early 80’s.  Back in the day, where the only vetting parameters were a heart rate of 65 or under and being sound  on the trot out. Lightweight riders had to carry extra weight to be allowed to ride, courses were not  marked, you were given a diagram of the track to follow, started at minute intervals, and there was no  water or feed supplied on course. 

Liz has now been a WAERA member for 36 years and is still riding. 

In that time, she has had six endurance horses. two horses which have completed over 5000  kilometres, Broadway and Noran Maxamillion. Tanderra Saphire completed over 4000 kilometres for  Liz, but she was shared with Liz’s daughter Cassie and completed over 7000 kilometres altogether.  Bluegrass Angelina completed over 3500, The Brolga 2000 and Top Fancy Natanya 1000. 

Liz has completed all of her riding kilometres in Western Australia.  

Her achievements include: 

  • 2 x 320 km Marathon Buckles 
  • 8 x 240 km Marathon Buckles 
  • 2 Quilty Buckles 
  • 7 State Championships Buckles 

Currently (2023) Liz is bringing on a young horse Roswa Park Celebration. He has completed two 80  kilometre rides and looks like being Liz’s new chapter in endurance riding. 

When asked about her special horses, those she has done endurance on Liz said,  

“Well, they are all very special to me. I love them and when I think about the ones who are no longer  with us, it still brings tears. They don’t have a choice, so we give them the best life we can, both  during and after endurance. They really are amazing animals.”