Rules, Bylaws and Policies

National Rules

S1 – General Rules 2023
S2 – Complementary Competition Rules 2022
S3 – Veterinary Rules
S4 – Social Media Engagement Rules
S5 – Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Rules 2023
Summary of Changes - 1st January 2023


Current AERA Inc Constitution
Old AERA Inc Constitution


AERA Bylaw Fees and Charges
AERA Bylaw Adoption of New Rules
AERA Bylaw MC Office Bearers and Sub-committee Membership
AERA Bylaw Disciplining of Division Associations
AERA Bylaw Sponsorship and Donations


AERA Digital User Access Policy

Course Marking Standard

AERA Course Marking Standard

Tom Quilty Gold Cup

AERA Tom Quilty Gold Cup Manual


Biosecurity for Endurance Events 2023
Biosecurity Plan Template 2023

Ride Etiquette

Endurance Ride Etiquette Policy