Veterinary and CS Ride Forms

AERA # Form Name Download
1 Invasive Treatment – Explanatory Notes
2 Invasive Treatment – Rider Report – Non-Metabolic
3 Invasive Treatment – Rider Report – Metabolic
4 Invasive Treatment – Veterinarian Report  
6 Equine Medication Log for Horses Competing at AERA Rides
7 Authorisation for the use of Altrenogest, Cyclosporine Implants or Cycolsporine Ophthalmic Preparations for Horses Competing at AERA Rides
8 Infraction Notice
9 Confirmatory Analysis Request Form
10 Administrative Procedure Acceptance Form
15 Incident Report – Personal Injury or Property Damage
20 AERA Volunteer Registration
21 Equine Catastrophe – Explanatory Notes
22 Equine Catastrophe – Consent for Equine Euthanasia
23 Equine Catastrophe – Veterinarian Report
24 Equine Catastrophe – Chief Steward Report
26 Incident Report – Chief Steward
27 Additional Microchip(s) Identified at a Ride
30 Commonwealth Statutory Declaration
35 Horse Trainer Declaration
36 Junior Ride Parent/Guardian Declaration
38 Chief Steward Ride Report   

Risk Management

AERA # Form Name Download
2 Risk Management RM-02
3 Risk Management RM-03
4 Risk Management RM-04
5 Risk Management RM-05
6 Risk Management RM-06
7 Risk Management RM-07
10 Risk Management RM-10
11 Risk Management RM-11

Horse Health Declaration

Form Name Description Download
2022 HHD For all horses.

Medication Control

Form Name Download
EADCMR Sampling Process Form
Medication Control Reporting Form
Swabbing Kit Order Form