Online Memberships Renewals

AERA is introducing a new Online Membership Renewal module to AERA Online for the 2024 membership year. From 1 January 2024 members will be able to renew their memberships digitally, update their contact and address details and manage their FEI/EA membership information, all from the comfort of their lounge or office chair.

This new functionality allows members to select their own membership categories, sign their membership declaration and make the payment in a quick and easy process negating the need to print out paperwork or mail in applications.

In another step to make endurance life a little less dependent on paperwork Membership cards are no longer required and there is no need for our busy Membership Registrars to mail out cards. A rule change was introduced to remove the need for membership cards now that rides are managed using AERASpace, which provides an up-to-date status of a rider’s membership.

PA Insurance can also be taken out as part of the membership renewal however this will still require the completion of the PA Insurance form and sending that to the State/Membership Registrar. Plans are underway to have this digitised for the 2025 year.

The new module caters for:

1. Membership renewals
2. New memberships
3. Family memberships
4. Early bird discounts
5. Discount schemes for students, pensioners and significant volunteers
6. Half yearly memberships

AERA will be running some familiarisation sessions to assist members get a handle on how to renew their membership so look out for details of these sessions – details of these sessions will be posted to AERA’s FB page and to the State FB pages over the weekend so keep an eye out. The first session will be held on 20 December 2023, we’ll have another one in January and in February, if required.

For any questions relating to this new module please use the Contact Us page on the AERA Online website.