Wearing of Compression Hoods in the Vet Ring – Rule 63.9


At a recent meeting AERA considered whether or not horses at endurance events should be permitted to wear ‘compression hoods’ in the vet ring.

The need for AERA to consider this arose following reports that the rule was being applied inconsistently with respect to hoods – Chief Stewards at some events were allowing hoods to be worn in the vet ring while Chief Stewards at other events were not allowing this.

The outcome of the discussion was that a decision was made that such hoods ARE NOT permitted to be worn in the vet ring as they deemed to be ‘tack’.

Rule 63.9  At each veterinary inspection:

“63.9.1  each horse shall be presented unsaddled, without any tack, bandages or leg protection…”

Photos L:R by Coral Green & Rob Featonby