FEI Hyposensitivity Control System

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Please see the below update from the International Equestrian Federation (FEI).

The FEI would like to inform all stakeholders that the FEI Hyposensitivity Control System is being introduced at FEI Endurance Events in 2020 and just like regular EADCMP testing, can take place at any FEI Endurance Event.
Furthermore, this information has now been added to all FEI Endurance draft schedules in section XIII. Veterinary matters – 7.3.

The latest version of the FEI Endurance draft schedule is now available here and has to be used for approval. 

The requirements contained within the schedule are:

All Horses are subject to examination under the protocol for abnormal limb sensitivity throughout the period of an Event. For Jumping that includes, but is not limited to, between rounds and before the Jump Off. For Endurance that includes, but is not limited to, pre-ride, during the ride and after the ride. Horses may be examined once or on multiple occasions during the Period of an Event.

Horses may be selected for examination under the protocol randomly or they may be targeted. All Horses selected to be tested must submit promptly to the examination or are subject to immediate disqualification. There is no obligation to examine any specific number of Horses at an Event.