Tom Quilty Gold Cup

R. M. Williams wrote to his friend Tom Quilty, a great horseman and cattleman in the Kimberly area of Western Australia. Williams asked for his support for the 100 miles ride, and Quilty donated $1000. This was used to make a gold cup, the prize for the winner of the event. This is a perpetual trophy, and the ride was named the Tom Quilty Gold Cup in his honour. The original Gold Cup now resides in the Stockman’s Hall of Fame, in Longreach, Queensland.

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Far-A-Way Easter Carnival

THE FAR-A-WAY began with a journey and a challenge.
The Journey was an undertaking in 1986 by Queensland riders to take a team to the first travelling Quilty to be held in South Australia. The trip was most successful, with Queenslanders filling most places in the four divisions.

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Shahzada 400

Named after a purebred Arabian Stallion, the Shahzada 400 is a 400km marathon ride that stretches over five days in St. Albans, New South Wales.

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