Chief Steward/Endurance Veterinarian Accreditation

Linda TanianNews

AERA has reviewed the situation with the accreditation of Chief Stewards and Endurance Veterinarians who may not have been able to maintain their accreditation status due to the impacts of Covid lockdowns and cancellation of rides.  Our rules require our Chief Stewards to manage a ride at least once every 24 months while an Endurance Veterinarian needs to officiate at the ride at least once every 36 months. 

In recognition of the difficulties faced by our officials in maintaining their accreditation status AERA will implement a supportive approach and will extend the accreditation status for our officials where it can be shown that there has been insufficient opportunity to meet the rule requirements. Impacted officials should submit an application for review of their situation to the AERA Chief Steward Liaison, Mark Dunn.