AERA Lifetime Horse and Rider Distance Scrolls


AERA invites applications from those members who are eligible to receive the AERA Distance Scrolls – Horse or Rider Lifetime Distance Scrolls – to apply to the National Distance Register (Jo Bailey) by 30 June 2020. 

A horse is eligible to receive this recognition at 1,500 kms and this scroll can be applied for at any time.  For horses who have achieved 3,000 kms, 5,000 kms, 7,500 kms and 10,000 kms and then upwards in increments of 2500 kms, they are eligible to have this award presented at the Tom Quilty event closest to the date the horse became eligible to receive the award.

Riders are eligible to apply when they have completed 10,000 kms with this award being presented by the Division Association.  For riders who have achieve 15,000 km or greater (at 5,000 km increments thereafter), they may have AERA Lifetime Rider Distance Scrolls presented at the Tom Quilty event closest to the date that they become eligible to receive this award.

The application forms for these awards can be found on the Distance Register page.

Photos above (L:R) by Animal Focus.