2020 Tom Quilty Update #3


The AERA wishes to advise that the information provided on the Australia All Over show, broadcast on the ABC network this morning, about the 2020 Tom Quilty event is incorrect.  The event has not been cancelled at this stage nor has a decision been made by anyone as to when the next two Quilties will be held and within what time frame that will occur. 

Discussions are ongoing and the current situation is that a meeting of the AERA Management Committee will be held on Monday 11th May.  The purpose of this meeting is to disseminate and conduct further discussion on information provided by the TQ20 and TQ21 Committees on Friday night in an information sharing session.  AERA is very appreciative of the hard work and contributions made by WAERA, NSWERA, TQ20 and TQ21 and particularly thankful for the co-operative approach being adopted by all parties. 

This situation is complex and involves many people in both WA and NSW who have invested a lot of effort in their preparations for two separate Quilty events.  AERA needs to consider this work, the impact on sponsors from the COVID-19 situation, equity to the membership in terms of being able to prepare and attend the Quilty event wherever it is held, horse welfare issues resulting from a lack of work and competition and the ever changing landscape of the COVID-19 situation.

An announcement will be made as soon as possible and it will be made by AERA in conjunction with all parties. The announcement will be posted on the AERA Facebook page and website and will then be shared to state Facebook pages.  If you haven’t read it on these social media platforms then it is fake news!

Photos above (L:R) by Vince Evans and Sue Crockett Photography.