Equine Hall of Fame

Lauralyn Notorious (Fred)

Endurance Hall of Fame

"Fred" was bred by Laurie and Lyn Nicolle, in Nietta at Lauralyn Arabian stud (out of Lauralyn Music by  Princeton). Debbie Grull first saw Fred as a young foal, and he fast became the central subject of many  conversations with Laurie and Lyn.  

Being allowed to care for this horse, is life changing extraordinary luck, a pure joy, and a tremendous  responsibility. Fred’s career involving a straight run of 10 Tom Quilty completions, for a 1000 mile  buckle, including the 2016 Tom Quilty Gold Cup win, some Tom Quilty MW Best condition  awards, most Tom Quilty completions making the podium, 5 x Shareym Award winner, 2x Newbridge  award winner. Other awards include Tasmania State Championship Wins and BC's, FEI 1* wins and  best conditioned awards, and an array of local ride wins and completions in preparation for  championship events. 

Fred knows he's done well, though the shiny stuff is not as important as definitely knowing he's  Debbie's number one; he is the first to be fed and watered, the first to be rugged and settled after work,  there is an incredible bond between Debbie and Fred, and they almost speak to each other.  

Achieving is never done on our own, and Fred has a community of people watching over him: Dennis  Foley, Neil Cameron, Helen Harvey, Justin Dixon, Nancy Grull, Joseph Dixon, Albie Dixon, Lori Grull  and Brenda Grull, special thanks to so many more, who have been part of his journey, so far.