Equine Hall of Fame

Beaucheval Akhiran

Endurance Hall of Fame

BEAUCHEVAL AKHIRAN (Somers Fire/Fenwick Velvet Miss) 

100% Crabbet Arab Gelding – Breeder: Karen Holmes, Owner – Trish Smith 

Beaucheval Akhiran was accepted into the AERA Hall of Fame on 8 July 2023 on nomination  by TEERA. 

My feelings for this horse are difficult to express. Having done so much together over the  years - travelling, training, competing, washing, clipping, sharing adventures and sometimes  just hanging out together – our relationship developed and strengthened to something quite  special.  

He has taught me much about patience, determination, trust and commitment and we now  certainly do know each other extremely well. It has been a massive journey and an enormous  learning curve from when I purchased him as a rambunctious, leggy 5-year-old to now. How  much he has changed over the years, but he still has that playfulness that attempts  occasionally to push my boundaries! 

Rahn, as he is known, turned 20 years old last month (DOB - 5 September 2003) and his  travelling and competing life has slowed somewhat. His ability to calmly self-load onto the  float and enjoy watching the countryside pass by regardless of where we were across  Australia, saw him visit every State (except Western Australia) and to successfully complete  in multiple events.  

Together, we have crossed Bass Strait twenty-eight times to compete in major events – in all  sorts of weather, mostly smooth crossings but occasionally in atrocious weather conditions.  This was all taken calmly in his stride and, to ensure his welfare, whenever on the road he  enjoys a break every two hours to munch on green grass, have a drink, and stretch his legs.  

His achievements are many: 

  • 6 x Shahzada 400k Marathons (NSW), 
  • 5 x Easter Marathons (Tas),  
  • 9 x Tom Quilty Gold Cup (TAS x 1, VIC x 2, NSW x 2, QLD x 2, SA x 2), 
  • 4 x ‘Big Three’ achievements (completing Shahzada 400k, Tom Quilty 160k & Tas  State Championship 160k in one year),  
  • 19 x 100-mile (160k) rides, 
  • 99 x endurance rides in total 
  • 12,279 successful competitive kilometres