Rider Hall of Fame

Bob Sample

Endurance Hall of Fame


Bob and Sharahd Caprice. 1993 BC Workout

A friend introduced me to endurance riding in 1969. I competed in two 80 km rides. I travelled to the Richmond area in 1970 to watch the Tom Quilty ride. I was captivated by the concept of a midnight start then 100 miles of riding. I returned to ride my first Quilty the following year to earn my first buckle.

Rules and regulations have changed a lot since those early days. My second Quity was on a borrowed horse. That had never done an endurance ride and had not been ridden, fed or shod for six weeks. Nursing him around the 100 miles I gained my second Quilty buckle in a faster time than the previous year.

Winning the Tom Quilty Gold Cup in 1993 and BCH award in Tasmania was obviously a highlight of endurance career. Sharahd Caprice was a mare I had bred, started under saddle and was third on her in the Quilty the previous year.

The 2001 Quilty in WA is also a highlight. I flew to WA on the basis of the Toft family assuring me I could ride one of their horses. It was only when entering I was told Zanthus would be my horse. I was able to have an hour or so ride before the midnight start. It was awonderful ride for me. My horse and I made a great team. We won Heavy Weight Division and BCH award and equal 6 th to finish.

So in earing my fifteen buckles and over the years since 1969I have had wonderful experiences and made life-long friends. Endurance has been a major part of my life and my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren continue that tradition.