Welcome to 2017!


Welcome to 2017 everyone! No doubt you are all preparing for the endurance season to come and we wish you every success in your personal goals and achievements.

Pictured above are the superstars of SAERA in 2016. Jodie Luck and Lindall Alabaska. Not every horse and rider will achieve what these two have in one year (their partnership is not new to each other or endurance) but we can all strive to perform at our personal best and hope that the stars are aligned to help us on our way.

AERA would like to welcome all existing and new members, officials and support crews to 2017.

Please send in any news or photos to be included on this site to [email protected] We would enjoy showcasing stories from everywhere in Australia that we can all enjoy and share.

Let’s celebrate the sport we love and all the people and horses in it.

Happy riding everyone!