Temporary AERA Committee Changes

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AERA has been very aware of the devastation wrought by bushfires and drought and wishes all members who have been affected our heartfelt sympathy for any losses experienced.  AERA has considered how it might provide aid to members who have been  affected, but looking at the ongoing efforts of many larger organisations that have been raising funds to this end,  AERA would encourage anyone who is able to donate funds or resources to do so through the opportunities that are widely promoted.

AERA Delegates have also been directly affected by these disasters. AERA has determined that, to ensure the ongoing management of AERA business, AERA President, Peter Bice,  and Vice President, Noni Seagrim, will be granted leave of absence from their positions.  Linda Tanian has been appointed Acting President and Kerry Fowler-Smith will support executive decisions as proxy for Noni Seagrim.  Jodie Luck has also been granted leave of absence from her duties as an AERA Delegate representing South Australia Endurance Riders Association.

These arrangements will be reviewed in one month.