Replacement of Quilty Buckle


During last year’s horrific fires the home of South Australian endurance legend Bob Gurr was razed by the fires.  Once it was safe for Bob and Cristal to return to their home Bob started looking for his much loved and highly prized Quilty buckle, which he achieved at the Western Australia Quilty held in 2014 riding his home bred mare Bindii bint Grevillea.  Bob was lucky enough to have found the badly burnt buckle amongst the rubble of his home, one of the few things that he was able to retrieve.

After some discussion amongst the SAERA committee AERA was approached to see if they had a replacement buckle that could be presented to Bob to replace the burnt buckle.  AERA located an old buckle and had it engraved, providing it to SAERA to present to Bob at the most appropriate time.

The presentation of the buckle was made recently, with barely a dry eye.  The presentation of the buckle and the support of his South Australian endurance family has been very much appreciated by Bob.