Nominations for the 2017 Tom Quilty Team

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The AERA has extended an invitation to New Zealand to field a team to take part in the 2017
Tom Quilty. The AERA is calling for nominations to be considered as team members to
represent Australia at TQ17 to ride against the New Zealand touring squad. This will be a senior
international competition with the New Zealand team indicating they are bringing their own
horses for the event. The AERA is very much looking forward to hosting an international
competition at our iconic National ride with our friends from across the ditch.

The Australian Team shall consist of 4 riders and a reserve meeting the minimum riding weight
of 73kg.

Nominations must be lodged with the AERA Secretary [email protected]) no later than
the 30 May 2017. Nominations will be acknowledged by reply email.
Further questions about this event can be directed to the AERA Team Manager Alamdar
Dastani [email protected] , 0488 777 921 or Gerard Bou [email protected]


The honour of representing your country in a truly international competition.
Ride entry fees will be covered by the AERA.
Each team member and the reserve rider will receive an AERA uniform.
The AERA team shall be assisted during the event by the Team Manager Alamdar Dastani.


The ideal candidates for team selection would meet the following criteria for the rider, the horse,
and the horse / rider combination.
Please ensure that you and your horse meet the criteria


  1. Would have successfully completed 1500kms in Endurance rides.
  2. Would have successfully completed 2 x 160km (in one day) Endurance rides


  1. Would have successfully completed 2 x 160km (in one day) Endurance rides.
  2. Would have been an active endurance horse through seasons 2015, 2016 and 2017


The horse and rider as a combination must have successfully completed 240kms in
Endurance rides.
The Selection Committee will look favorably uponIndividual
riders and horses that have
● Proven experience in 160km competition
● Thorough preparation demonstrated by completions in the lead up to TQ17

Download the pdf application form: EOIAustralianTeamforTQ17_GB