National Rules

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01/03/2017 – The Equine Anti Doping and Medication Control Rules (Section 5 AERA Rules) have been revised to correct an omission in the previous version. The current version dated March 1 2017 replaces the previous version. The correction has been the inclusion of clause 29.3 and the correction of clause 29.1 to refer to clauses 29.2 and 29.3.

The below rule (5.6 in the old rule book) was accidentally left out of the new rule book (S1), however is still current and applicable to all endurance rides.

A rider in the Youth Division of an FEI Ride will not receive National Points / kilometres unless they are 18 years or older in the year of the ride and weigh a minimum of 73kgs i.e. no National points / kilometres for Lightweights and Juniors. Note: this rule does not apply if an AERA Lightweight and AERA Junior division is held at the same event.


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Bio Security

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