Equine Asthma Research Project


AERA has considered a request from Jewel Azaria Tan, an honours student at The University of Adelaide,  who is currently working to determine how common equine asthma is in Australian horses and to identify the factors that increase the risk of developing this disease.  We have agreed to a request from Ms Tan that we publicise this survey to our members.  This does not mean that AERA is endorsing the survey – we are simply forwarding information to members, who may have more time on their hands than usual.

Please note that participation is voluntary and this survey is open until 15 May 2020.  Further information is available in the Participant Information and Terms and Conditions EA Survey and in the research project’s flyer.

This survey is open to ALL horse owners/trainers and horses do not necessarily need to be diagnosed or have any symptoms of equine asthma to participate. The survey closes 15 May at 11:55pm.

Participants have the option to remain anonymous, answers will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and all data and results will be de-identified. Participants will also have the option of being entered into a prize draw, sponsored by Kentucky Equine Research and Barastoc Horse Feeds.

The survey can be accessed at the following link: https://is.gd/EAsurvey