Congratulations Debbie & Fred!

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“Lauralyn Notorious achieved Arabian Horse Society of Australia Endurance Horse of the Year. It takes great patience to produce great endurance horses. It begins with the astonishing vision to breed excellent horses, and record them with AHSA thanks to Laurie and Lyn Nicolle for their belief and passion for their horses.
It also helps to have excellent horsemen who have guided me, Neil and Dennis and David, and support of my family Nancy Justin, Lori and Tony and my Mum; my wonderful friends Coralanne, Keren, Jessie-Lee, Mandy, Naomi, Rachel, Bronwyn and Mudge so many other great people.
The great company we are in are what makes us look good. There were some truly amazing horses that were perfectly eligible for the award. I believe it was not easy to decide endurance horse of the year.
At our very first endurance event, our performance was an embarrassing vet out…..adverse experiences are not bad for you if you reassess the situation and find the courage to try again.”

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