The AERA is disappointed to announce an adverse analytical finding involving prohibited substances in The Tom Quilty Gold Cup 2016.

A horse tested positive to the two prohibited substances, the stimulant Caffeine and its metabolite Theophylline. Equally, Theophylline, used for the treatment of asthma and various respiratory diseases, can be metabolised to Caffeine.

Theophylline and Caffeine are listed as Controlled Medication and Specified Substances under the FEI’s Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Rules (EADCMRs) as adopted by the AERA.

The AERA rules required the disciplinary process to be managed by the State Division of each member involved and in this instance 3 persons have been identified in association with the horse and are members of the NSWERA.

The horse Coolahlee Park Shaman and rider Elizabeth Moir have been disqualified from the ride and the buckle has been returned to the AERA.  Jolene Cole (Person Responsible) and Chris Geddes (Trainer) received administrative penalties in accordance with the AERA/EADCM rules. All connections with the horse have been penalized by the imposition of fines.

The process in accordance with clause 25.3 of the EACDM rules has been finalized.