Adoption of New AERA Constitution


The 12th May 2020 is a red letter day for AERA in terms of governance with the new AERA Constitution being registered by the NSW Office of Fair Trading. The new Constitution provides a governance structure that is more in line with modern day practices adopting a leaner management team while still retaining valuable Division Association input. The old Constitution, adopted in 1992, while well written at its inception and supporting the Association as it was, is now well past it’s use by date. 

AERA commenced on the review of the Constitution back in 2010  It has taken many years, many reviews and a lot of input from many people across Australia to get the new Constitution to the point of being adopted.  Its current state is reflective of a wide range of opinions from all aspects of our sport and has benefitted from the input of members, Division Associations and from AERA delegates. 

This Constitution, unlike our previous version, will become a living document and be updated as required to ensure it remains relevant and supportive of the direction of endurance in Australia.  AERA would like to record a big vote of thanks for all those people who have put in the hard yards over many years to make this moment happen.