2018 Swabbing


During 2018 swabbing was conducted in all divisions. The Australian Endurance Riders Association Inc (AERA) is committed to supporting a “clean sport” and has asked all Division Associations to increase their rates of swabbing as a matter of priority in 2019.

The results of swabbing taken at the Tom Quilty Gold Cup 2018 have all returned a negative result and this is great news.  All “negative results” are published on the Equestrian Australia website with just the sample number listed;  updates are provided at the end of each month.

One horse returned a positive result during 2018 and that matter has been finalised with information provided via publication on the AERA website in accordance with the EADCM Rules.

The AERA urges all trainers, owners and riders to be aware of what is being given to horses under their care.  All Persons Responsible for a horse will be penalised if that horse returns a positive result from a blood or urine sample.  Products that fit the legislative definition of a veterinary chemical product are granted an approval number by the APVMA and an APVMA approval number will be on the packaging.  Please refer to www.apvma.gov.au/horse-products for further information.